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WiperSoft will be fast, versatile, and resilient. We are excited to introduce the new, upcoming versions. Ransomware ========== The most important part of ransomware is a targeted attack. This gives the attackers the possibility to detect the vulnerability on your system, to copy the ransomware binary, and to make it to their target and to run the ransomware and store the loot. Another important part is the encryption of the files which is based on a new algorithm. This algorithm will improve the encryption and make it harder to decrypt the files. The algorithm will also improve the performance and speed up the encryption. The main advantage of the encryption is that the files cannot be decrypted. The files are automatically encrypted with the time, and with the number of files being encrypted. The payment can be done by Bitcoin, BitCoin, or other crypto currencies. The ransomware comes with a protection system. The protection system is a service which allows the victim to download the encrypted files back. An attacker can disable this protection system if they want to run the ransomware again. The protection system is based on a “Fix" file. This file is embedded in the ransomware file and if this file does not match the version of ransomware on the system, the ransomware will not run. The protection system can only be used after the ransomware is stopped. The idea is that the ransomware is a Trojan infection, which is behind some other legitimate application like an anti virus or BitDefender. When the ransomware is running, the Trojan infection is behind this legitimate application and can be seen as an attack of this legitimate application. WiperSoft will not look for this Trojan, but the legitimate application will search for the Trojan. If the Trojan is found, the legitimate application will ask the user to download the Fix file, which will help WiperSoft to decrypt the ransomware. Protecting against ransomware  ------------------------------ The new  ransomware can be prevented by: - Modifying the executable file. - Protection services. - Exclusion of infected files by separate protection services. The ransomware prevention comes with the following advantages: - It is effective because the only way to decrypt the files is by using the protection service. - It does not interfere with the operation of the legitimate application. - It has no effect on the operation of the ransomware. - The




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